Karno Energy BIM – Clear agreements in advance

Before a Karno Energy BIM project, clear and unambiguous agreements are first made with the parties involved. These are recorded in the Karno Energy BIM protocol https://karnoenergy.com/ . Practical working documents can be drawn up from the BIM protocol. They can be used on a daily basis when creating a 3D BIM model. All working documents are compiled into a BIM file. This forms Karno Energy’s guide to the BIM process.


Karno Energy: Aspect Models.


All parties involved have created their own 3D model. Karno Energy calls this aspect models. When all parties work in software from the same vendor, 3D models are exchanged in that vendor’s file type. When this is not the case, an open standard is used. This is called Industrial Foundation Classes (IFC) . Virtually any 3D modeling package can export to this file format.


Working together in the same 3D model


It is also possible to collaborate with all parties in a 3D model. We recommend that you use this only for internal collaboration. When it is also used for external purposes, not only does it cause legal turmoil, but the ICT infrastructure must also be well equipped to do so.


Karno Energy – Coordination Model


All aspect models are developed by Karno Energy based on the same zero point. The zero point is based on coordinates (X, Y, Z) and is defined in advance. The Karno Energy BIM coordinator merges all aspect models into a central coordination model. He then performs collision detection and model validation. This means that he has a program that looks for mutual deviations and checks whether all the information is present and whether the information meets the requirements.


Karno Energy: Hard and Soft Collisions


When a deviation is detected, we call it a conflict. There are two types of collisions: hard and soft. A hard collision is when there is no recess modeled for the pipe. Then the leash touches the element. So, this is a physical collision. A soft collision is one that is often not immediately detectable. Imagine a door that is modeled closed. Behind the door is a setting block. In practice, that door turns against the unit. This is often unacceptable. Thanks to intelligent simulation, these kinds of conflicts can be detected and eventually resolved.


BIM session at Karno Energy


The Karno Energy BIM coordinator produces a collision report. This is discussed during the BIM session. Such a session takes place periodically. The frequency may vary from project to project. It is then discussed with the parties involved, who have to decide on the contradiction in the 3D model, and further progress is agreed upon.


Karno Energy: Analysis and Modeling


During project development, information from the 3D model can be used to analyze and model planning and budgeting. In addition, better design choices can be made regarding manufacturability. The client can also be better informed about the final product based on the 3D model. In this way, the process is optimized, costs (failures) are prevented, quality is improved, and the customer does not face any surprises on delivery.

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