Guide to choosing slots for free bets and play for real money

Gamblers visit online casinos in order to get bright emotions and real winnings. It all depends on the right selection of the game. There are a number of factors that allows you to select the slot machines online Australia with a higher chance of winning.

The main parameters for the selection of slot machines

Video slots differ from each other by numerous characteristics – the plot, the minimum and maximum bet, the availability of mobile devices. But in terms of probability of winning 3 indicators are considered key:

  • payout table;
  • RTP;
  • Let us get acquainted with each of them in detail.
  • Payout table.

It indicates the coefficients by which the line bet is multiplied when a certain combination appears. On most slot machines winnings bring 3-5 identical symbols within a certain line.

The minimum coefficient in the games varies between x1 and x10. The maximum can reach x5000 and sometimes x10000.

Some video slots involve dynamic payout tables. Here, not the coefficient, but the size of the payouts based on a given bet amount is indicated.

This figure is present in all online machines. It indicates the average level of return on the money put on a long distance. The greater the RTP, the more profitable slottica casino 50 free spins no deposit new free spins no deposit for the gambler. With the growth of RTP decreases the advantage of the casino to the player. For example, if the payout is 96%, the playground takes away only 4% of all the money.

The most attractive are considered online slots with RTP from 94% to 99%. If the figure is below 90%, then sit down for the slot machine is not worth it.

Learn RTP can be in the casino. If this information is not available, you should visit the website of the provider.


Another criterion called volatility. Dispersion determines the frequency of prize combinations, as well as the average odds.

If the volatility is low, the combinations on the reels appear often, but they bring insignificant income. As the index increases, the frequency decreases, and the coefficients increase.

Free test slot machines

To select the optimal betting algorithm for specific slots, do not necessarily immediately risk money from your purse. You should start by practicing. To do this, most video slots provides a demo mode. The mechanics, probabilities and payouts it does not differ from the money game. Only bets are not taken in dollars, and in coins.

Bonus Options

It is the bonus options make the game more interesting and profitable. They come in free and paid. Free options are available when certain combinations appear.

The most common are:

Freespins. Allow you to run the reels for free, getting real winnings. The number of freespins in each game is different.

Round of doubling. When a prize combination appears, the player can take the winnings at once, or put them in an extra round. In the mini-game you need to guess the color of the closed card, choose a card of higher value than the dealer. In the case of a successful attempt, the winnings are multiplied by 2. Attempts are allowed to repeat up to 5 times.

Paid bonuses contain only certain slot machines online. They are usually made in a separate section. Depending on the game, the gambler buys a freespin, respin, another bonus option, or increases the chance of a particular bonus.

Video slots with jackpots

This category of games attracts a large number of casino visitors. Here large winnings are played. Machines come with progressive and fixed jackpots. In the first case, the amount of the maximum winnings increases with each bet, in the second – the size of the award is always fixed.

Play online casino is interesting and convenient. You can enjoy the gameplay at home. Today’s range of video slots is huge, but, as with other gambling, it is important to approach the process responsibly. Choose the most paying and interesting slot machines, and do not forget to control emotions. Only in this way success is guaranteed.

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