Evaluations are helpful to determine a child’s strengths and weaknesses (areas where your child may need extra help)

Therapy Service

Whether at home, or in our center,our top-notched therapists provide
the highest quality care for your child.

Audiology Services

Our audiologists collaborate regularly with physicians and cochlear implant centers as well as teachers and therapists to ensure the best possible services.


At Your Home

We provide quality home based therapy throughout NYC.Infants and young toddlers with all types of delays and disabilities receive services tailored to meet their needs.

At Our School

Our school offers a variety of services for ages 0-5 years to help give your child the best chance of success.


Staff Development

Strivright is committed to providing the best practice model across all parameters of service delivery with regard to education, habilitation and evaluations.

Hear in Brooklyn

Hear in Brooklyn is a support group that meets monthly for parents of children with hearing loss, speech and language delays, hearing impaired or have auditory processing difficulties.

Services by Age

List of services provided, for eligible ages.